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As a professional Psychic, you might think that I would be the last person to urge you NOT to buy lots of Psychic readings!
However, now that readings are so easily available over the internet & phone, I am increasingly encountering people who buy reading after reading, sometimes several in a week.  This is expensive, confusing and rather pointless because having a lot of readings within a short space of time does NOT give you more information!
 An ethical reader will never suggest that you buy further readings, products or services. People who contact us are often going through a difficult or turbulent period in their lives and it would be wrong to encourage them to become reliant on readings.It is for this reason that I prefer there to be a minimum gap of three months between readings. This allows times for events to unfold and also means that in your next reading, there should actually be new or different information coming though. More value for your money.

I believe that I am guided by Spirit in my work and am an interpreter rather than the Source.
I only work under my own name and from this UK site, and have no connection with any other "Psychic Yona's" that have appeared on the internet recently. I have no links with any forums and I do not advertise.
Areas that I will not look at ...
There are areas that, I feel, are not appropriate for a distance reading. Therefore I choose not look at the areas of Health, Death and the outcome of  legal cases as these are better addressed by consulting the relevant professional.

I also do not read "by proxy" so please do not buy a reading so that you can look at private details of someone else's life. If, however, details about another person appear in your reading, it is because it has some relevance to your life/future, so I am happy to pass it on as part of your reading.

I do not read for rude people. I don't need to.
Important! How to get the best out of your reading: 
I connect through your voice therefore need to be able to hear you clearly. If the reception is poor, you put me on loudspeaker, there is background noise or there are other people in the room. it can affect the quality of your reading. 
Remember, if you are anxious or unsure about something that has come up during a reading - ASK FOR CLARIFICATION, Shut me up, interrupt, ask questions, it is YOUR reading after all.
It is also helpful to have a pen and paper handy in case you want to make notes.
It is possible for you to record Readings via Skype. You are able to access these for 30 days. Copyright for all recordings is retained by me and they can not be broadcast or transmitted without my written consent. 
When you have a reading with me, you are paying for my time and expertise. I am not a "good news only" reader and will not refund payments simply because you do not like the content of the reading or because my information is not identical to something that another reader may have told you.
If I have been unable to establish a direct personal connection to you within the first 10 minutes of the reading, then I will gladly refund. I do not claim to be able to connect to everybody every time.  In the event of a "non reading" Please note that this would not be because I have seen something terrible in your cards!
Update:Paypal have recently made changes to their  policy and no longer absorb transaction fees in the event of a refund (March 2020), in the event of a refund I will deduct these fees so that I am not out of pocket. There is no personal gain from this, simply covering costs.


Paypal charges are deducted in the event of cancellation/refund. If notice of cancellation is less than 1 hours before a confirmed booking then the cancellation will classed as a missed reading and will be charged for in full.

Blocked Clients

Every now and then I have to block someone, either because they lack basic manners or because their actions could endanger the well being of others (stalking or threatening behaviour).

I am not able to read for someone who is under the influence of drink or drugs at the time of the booking, or who is currently experiencing mental health difficulties. I will not "block" these clients but prefer to refund or reschedule for a later date.

People who  book & cancel numerous slots in an attempt to circumvent waiting times will be blocked.

People who use other people's credit cards/try unauthorised transactions will be blocked without prejudice.

If you constantly call/message/buzz me BEFORE your booked slot time because you hope to start early or think I may have forgotten about you - then you may be blocked. Of course I do not block people who have got their times mixed up or who are calling me because I am late!

Follow up questions...
I am a busy full time reader and as such, I am usually unable to answer any follow up questions unless they are sent to me within 48 hours of an email reading being received, any later than that and the details of your reading will no longer be sharp. I regret that I am unable to enter into drawn out correspondence, or answer questions about Skype readings from days, months or even years ago. I love to hear from you and DO read your updates! Sadly I just do not have enough hours in the day to respond to them all. I get hundreds of emails in a day.
Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis and same day appts are only seldom available. If you would like to know if when there are slots available then please email me. Bookings are only confirmed when payment has been received ( by 10am on the day of the reading at the latest). I will email you to arrange your booking asap so please check your spam folders etc, if you have not received your booking email within 24 hours-and get in touch with me again.  The Cyber Gremlins can be quite disruptive at times.
I do not live in the computer, I have the occasional weekend off ...and sleep at night... but I  do check my emails frequently and will try to reply to emails as fast as possible.  I cannot answer emails during reading hours - or in the middle of the night. People who bombard me with multiple emails will be blocked, All bookings are taken on a first come first served basis only.There is no such thing as an emergency Tarot reading and I will not "bump " one client to prioritise another. 
Sometimes, when the schedule allows, a Reading may go over the allotted time span, there is no additional charge for extra minutes. This is entirely at my discretion. 

Cancellations and missed readings
If you have to cancel your booking, please give me as much notice as possible, we can then reschedule the reading for a later date.
If there is less than 4 hours notice of cancellation - you will be charged for the reading.
If you buy a reading and then change your mind  I am happy to refund your payment in full (minus Paypal's fees). If I cannot read for you and issue a refund - then I cover the Paypal fees so that you are not out of pocket.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your phone is charged and that relevant Time Zone conversions are accurate etc. If your call is via Skype, ensure that you are logged
in and have a good phone signal. I try to call on time.  You will get a better quality reading if you are in a quiet private space...if you choose to have your reading surrounded by people/on a train/whilst driving a car etc etc - then you are not doing yourself any favours..

I am located in the United Kingdom, all times mentioned in emails are UK times, GMT in the Winter, BST in the Summer.

Phone or Skype?
I do not give out my home number,
 All Skype calls are voice only and my webcam is switched off.
Skype calls via smart phones can work really well if you have good phone reception and sit still.

I can call UK phones. All international calls will be made via Skype

Past Spellwork/other Readers
Your reading with me may not tally with what another Spellcaster or Reader has told or promised you. I make no apologies for this.

arot Lessons.

Tarot lessons for individuals and a series of one to one coaching sessions for people who are interested in becoming professional Readers/Fortune Tellers will be available again from May 2023 onwards. The lessons are bespoke and will be more focused on practical use and divination rather than the theory.
Clients will need to source their own equipment ( cards etc), this is to keep costs down.
Advancement from one phase to the next will be at my discretion and is without prejudice.
The cancellation policy is the same as it is for Readings.


 Over 18s only. For legal reasons I have to state that a reading is to be considered to be for entertainment purposes only. I have verifiable copyright of my name,image and wording.
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