Ethical Readers and Casters will NEVER suggest that spells are "needed". Castings should only ever be a matter of personal choice. 
Bespoke Castings by Yona.


Authentic spellwork involving time honoured rituals and proven traditions. These methods are combined with genuine, ethically sourced components and a holistic understanding of the spell casting process in order to produce a solution which is effectively tailored to you and your needs. This service is not a religious one, it utilises a combination of English folk magic and powerful ancient symbolism in order to channel forms of spiritual power with the aim of effecting positive outcomes for the future.  
Castings vary in type and I can work alone or as part of a group, depending on requirements. 
Whilst I cannot guarantee the outcome of your Casting - for that part is out of my hands - what is guaranteed here is that your personal Spellwork will be treated with the utmost compassion, confidentiality and care. 

Love,  Relationships,  Reconciliation,  Friendships,  Family,  Career, Confidence,  Study,  Protection,  Finances,  Change of luck, Cutting ties, New job...

Message me if you would like to discuss your Petition.
With harm to no one;
I will not cast curses, health, binding or break up spells.
All ingredients are ethically sourced and no animals are harmed in any of the rituals.

A Casting is a stand alone service,  therefore there can be no refunds unless at least 48 hours notice is given before the booked ritual.
Some spells have an activation component which will be sent to you after the Casting- at no additional cost. Items are only sent when your consent has been given, if you prefer not to recieve the package then I can activate on your behalf.
There will be no follow up correspondence after activation has taken place.

Individual Castings

Individual Castings are currently available. They will be performed within 7 days of receipt of your petition.

Activation packages will be sent out at least a week after the Casting has taken place.
Due to recent problems with Activation packages being delayed or not delivered all future ones are going to be sent with tracking, where possible. Please let me know if this is a problem for you and I can always activate on your behalf.
Readings and Castings are to be considered to be for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing a service you are indicating that you understand and accept this.

 Over 18s only. For legal reasons I have to state that a reading is to be considered to be for entertainment purposes only. I have verifiable copyright of my name,image and wording.
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